Chinese Massacre Cove

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Chinese Massacre Cove is an area along the Snake River in Wallowa County, Oregon, United States. It is located in the Wallowa–Whitman National Forest and the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, upriver from the Snake's confluence with the Imnaha River.[1]

During 1887 in Oregon's Hells Canyon on the Snake River, in what came to be known as the Snake River Massacre, a gang of four to six Euro-American men robbed, murdered, and mutilated between 10 and 34 Chinese workers, reportedly for their gold.[2] Three people were brought to trial but none were convicted.[3][4]

The five acre site was named Chinese Massacre Cove on October 12, 2005.[5]

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Coordinates: 45°46′48″N 116°39′18″W / 45.780°N 116.655°W / 45.780; -116.655