Chinese Taipei at the 1984 Summer Olympics

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Chinese Taipei at the Olympic Games

Chinese Taipei Olympic flag
IOC code  TPE
NOC Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Website (Chinese) (English)
At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles
Competitors 38 (31 men and 7 women) in 12 sports
Flag bearer Lee Fu-An
Rank: 43
Olympic history (summary)
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* As the Republic of China

** As Taiwan
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Republic of China (1932–48)

The Republic of China (ROC) had always competed in the Olympic Games under that name except for the first time under the name of Chinese Taipei at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. The change in name was a result of the Nagoya Resolution, adopted by the International Olympic Committee in 1979 after the objections raised in the 1970s by the People's Republic of China (PRC) over the political status of Taiwan. The IOC restrictions over the ROC name led to the ROC boycott of the Summer Games of 1976 and 1980; the PRC had always boycotted the Olympic Games. The 1984 Summer Games Chinese Taipei team included 31 men and 7 women, taking part in 40 events in 12 sports.[1] In weightlifting, athletes from the Chinese Taipei and People's Republic of China won medals.


Bronze medal.svg Bronze[edit]

  • Wen-Yee Tsai — Weightlifting, Men's Featherweight (60 kg)


Chinese Taipei entered one man and one woman in the archery competition. Both placed 42nd in their respective divisions.

Women's Individual Competition

Men's Individual Competition


Men's Marathon

Men's Long Jump

  • Lee Fu-An
    • Qualification — 7.23m (→ did not advance, 20th place)

Men's High Jump

Men's Javelin Throw

  • Chen Hung-Yen
    • Qualification — 71.48m (→ did not advance, 24th place)

Men's Decathlon

  • Lee Fu-An
    • Final Result — 7541 points (→ 19th place)

Women's 400m Hurdles

Women's High Jump

  • Liu Yen-Chiu
    • Qualification — 1.70m (→ did not advance, 29th place)

Women's Javelin Throw

  • Lee Hui-Chen
    • Qualification — 52.46m (→ did not advance)

Women's Heptathlon

  • Tsai Li-Jiau
    • Final Result — 5447 points (→ 18th place)


Men's Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)


Two cyclists represented Chinese Taipei in 1984.

1000m time trial
Individual pursuit


Two fencers, both men, represented Chinese Taipei in 1984.

Men's foil
Men's épée


Modern pentathlon[edit]

One male pentathlete represented Chinese Taipei in 1984.





Men's 100m Freestyle

  • Michael Miao
    • Heat — 52.76 (→ did not advance, 30th place)

Men's 200m Freestyle

  • Michael Miao
    • Heat — 1:55.01 (→ did not advance, 27th place)

Men's 400m Freestyle

  • Wu Ming-Hsun
    • Heat — 4:16.49 (→ did not advance, 34th place)
  • Lin Chun-Hong
    • Heat — 4:20.65 (→ did not advance, 35th place)

Men's 1500m Freestyle

  • Wu Ming-Hsun
    • Heat — 16:14.40 (→ did not advance, 23rd place)
  • Lin Chun-Hong
    • Heat — 16:44.94 (→ did not advance, 25th place)

Men's 400m Individual Medley

  • Wu Ming-Hsun
    • Heat — 5:02.94 (→ did not advance, 22nd place)

Women's 200m Freestyle

  • Wen San
    • Heat — 2:05.85 (→ did not advance, 18th place)

Women's 400m Freestyle

  • Wen San
    • Heat — 4:23.30
    • B-Final — 4:21.61 (→ 15th place)

Women's 800m Freestyle

  • Wen San
    • Heat — 9:09.73 (→ did not advance, 17th place)

Women's 200m Butterfly

  • Wen San
    • Heat — 2:21.10 (→ did not advance, 22nd place)




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