Chinese Taipei at the 1992 Summer Olympics

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Chinese Taipei at the
1992 Summer Olympics
Flag of Chinese Taipei for Olympic games.svg
IOC code TPE
NOC Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Website (in Chinese) (in English)
in Barcelona
Competitors 31 (23 men, 8 women) in 7 sports
Flag bearer Wang Kuang-Shih
Ranked 49th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 1 0 1
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 Republic of China (1932–48)

The Republic of China competed as Chinese Taipei at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. 31 competitors, 23 men and 8 women, took part in 15 events in 7 sports.[1]

The change in name was due to the political status of Taiwan. In addition, they flew a flag especially designed for the games separate from the flag of the Republic of China. In Mainland China, the team is known as the "Zhongguo Taibei (Taipei, China, where China implies the People's Republic of China) Team" (中華台北隊), and in Taiwan the team is known as the "Zhonghua (another variation of the term China, but obtained here as an abbreviation of Zhonghua Taibei) Team" (中華隊).



  • Chinese Taipei - baseball, men's competition


Chinese Taipei entered three women in the archery competition. The two that qualified for the elimination rounds each won their first match, with one winning a second match before being defeated in the quarterfinal. The team was upset by DPR Korea in the team round.

Women's individual:

Women's team:

  • Lai, Lin, and Liu - round of 16, 11th place (0-1)



Chinese Taipei was among the eight teams to play in the inaugural Olympic baseball tournament. They won five of their seven preliminary round games, including one against Japan, but lost to the United States and Cuba to place second in the round. In the semifinal, Taipei faced Japan again, defeating the Japanese team one more time. The final against Cuba resulted in an 11-1 loss, and a silver medal, for the Chinese Taipei team.


  • Chinese Taipei - silver medal (6-3)



One male cyclist represented Chinese Taipei in 1992.

Men's road race
Men's individual pursuit
Men's points race





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