Chinese Venezuelans

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Chinese Venezuelans
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Valencia, Caracas, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo, Maturín, Acarigua.
Venezuelan Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, others
Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Taoism.
Related ethnic groups
Asian Americans, Chinese people

Chinese Venezuelans (Spanish: Chino-venezolanos) are people of Chinese ancestry who were born in or have immigrated to Venezuela. The country is home to nearly 400,000 Chinese.[1] Almost all their businesses are related to the culinary field. Chinese restaurants in Venezuela are very affluent, mainly due to Venezuelans taste for Cantonese food.[2] Venezuela is also home to one of Latin America's largest concentrations of ethnic Chinese. The city of Valencia is home of the major Chinese community and hosts various markets devoted to Chinese culture including smoked ducks and authentic pottery. A local newspaper is also edited in Chinese. A lively barrio chino can also be found on Avenida Principal El Bosque in the El Bosque district of Caracas. While there are Chinatowns in the major cities throughout Venezuela, they are non-descript and in non-touristic parts of town.

Chinese immigration came mostly in two waves, the first beginning in 1847 and consisting of mainly Cantonese immigrants, [3] and the second one beginning in the 1940s and '50s and reaching a peak in the mid 1970s in connection with the oil boom.

Cantonese is widely spoken among Chinese Venezuelans, especially the variety commonly known as Hoisan or Toisan, but there has been recent Taiwanese immigration, adding to the linguistic and cultural diversity. The largest group of Han Chinese in Venezuela are from Guangdong and Hong Kong.



Areas of Venezuela where the Chinese community is concentrated
Percentage of population born in China through Venezuela

States with the highest proportions of Chinese-born population tend to be those of the Capital Region and Eastern Region. The states with the most population of Chinese-born people are also located in the central-north area.

At the 2011 census, this was the breakdown of Chinese-born population by state

State Chinese-born Population Percentage
Amazonas 31 0.021
Flag of Anzoátegui State.svg Anzoátegui 1,193 0.082
Flag of Apure State.svg Apure 116 0.025
Flag of Aragua State.svg Aragua 1,305 0.081
Flag of Barinas State.svg Barinas 414 0.051
Flag of Bolívar State.svg Bolívar 515 0.037
Flag of Caracas.svg Capital District 1,765 0.092
Flag of Carabobo State.svg Carabobo 2,016 0.09
Flag of Cojedes State.svg Cojedes 167 0.039
Flag of Delta Amacuro State.svg Delta Amacuro 42 0.026
Flag of Falcón.svg Falcón 269 0.028
Federal dependencies of Venezuela's Flag.svg Federal Dependencies 1 0.047
Flag of Guárico State.svg Guárico 350 0.047
Flag of Lara State.svg Lara 1,247 0.071
Flag of Mérida State.svg Mérida 306 0.037
Flag of Miranda state.svg Miranda 1,453 0.055
Flag of Monagas State.png Monagas 796 0.088
Flag of Nueva Esparta.svg Nueva Esparta 344 0.071
Flag of Portuguesa.svg Portuguesa 660 0.077
Flag of Sucre State.svg Sucre 321 0.037
Flag of Táchira.svg Tachira 264 0.023
Flag of Trujillo State.svg Trujillo 336 0.049
Flag of Vargas State.svg Vargas 134 0.038
Flag of Yaracuy State.svg Yaracuy 394 0.066
Flag of Zulia State.svg Zulia 919 0.025
Total Venezuela 15,358 0.06


Communities with high percentages of Chinese-born people[edit]