Chinguacousy Township, Ontario

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Chinguacousy Township within Peel County.

Chinguacousy Township /ɪŋˈkzi/ (About this soundlisten) is a former municipality and geographic township in Peel County, Ontario. In 1973, when Peel County became the Regional Municipality of Peel, it was split in half, with the northern half becoming part of the town of Caledon, and the southern half, along with the township of Toronto Gore, joining the town of Brampton.

Several historical villages were once located within Chinguacousy Township, including Churchville. However, only small remnants like churches and cemeteries, of these former villages exist. Churchville remains as a hamlet, maintaining its identity as a historic community due to historic structures, its proximity to a river, and "Churchville Road," while the rest seem to have been subsumed by suburban developments.

The name lives on in Brampton in Chinguacousy Park, Chinguacousy Road, the Chinguacousy Concert Band, and Chinguacousy Secondary School, among other things.

Chinguacousy Township spanned from what now is Winston Churchill Boulevard to Airport Road, Olde Base Line Road to Steeles Avenue.

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Coordinates: 43°45′13″N 79°50′22″W / 43.75361°N 79.83944°W / 43.75361; -79.83944