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Chink is sometimes used as a pejorative term for persons of Chinese descent.

Chink may also refer to:

  • An area of vulnerability, as in a chink in one's armor
  • Chinks, a half-length type of chaps, leather coverings for the legs, derived from chingadero.
  • A colloquial term for the common pheasant in the United States, derived from "Chinese pheasant".
  • Eric Dorman-Smith. a British Army officer and Irish nationalist who was almost universally known by his nickname, a corruption of a Hindi name for a type of antelope (chinkara, Gazella bennettii), which was conferred upon him by his fellow mess members whilst serving in India.
  • Iron Chink, a machine that rapidly removes the fins and guts from salmon
  • The Chink, a scenic rock cleft in the Isle of Wight.
  • The mosquito-bourne Chikungunya virus.