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CHINO Corporation
Public KK
IndustryElectrical equipment
Founded(March 1913; 105 years ago (1913-03))
FounderKazuo Chino
Area served
Key people
Mikio Toyoda
  • Instrumentation and control equipment
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Instrumentation work
RevenueDecrease JPY 18.5 billion (FY 2015) (US$ 171 million) (FY 2015)
Increase JPY 373.5 million (FY 2015) (US$ 3.4 million) (FY 2015)
Number of employees
994 people (consolidated)
WebsiteOfficial website
Footnotes / references

CHINO Corporation (株式会社チノー, Kabushiki-gaisha Chinō) is a Japanese professional manufacturer of measuring/controlling instruments and instrumentation system. It is engaged in manufacturing and supplying in wide range of temperature sensors as thermocouple, radiation pyrometer and thermal imaging system with infrared technology, moisture/humidity sensor, recorder, temperature controller, wireless module which send the measured value in wireless and test/evaluation system for fuel cell and compressor calorimeter. Furthermore, Chino manufactures and supplies calibration systems for measuring instruments and does calibration of traceability test, has been working as a JCSS certified suppliers.[3]


In 1913, Kazuo Chino founded private company named Chino Works at Shitaya, Tokyo. He started manufacture and sell chemical machinery and rubber products first. Then he manufacture and sell physics and chemistry instruments, electric furnace/thermostatic bath and measuring instruments though, the factory was burnt down by Great Kanto earthquake[4] in 1923. He built a new factory at Nakamaru, Itabashi and resumed business again.

In 1936, established stock organization named Chino Works, Ltd.(Current: Chino Corporation) The new factory was burnt down again by an air raid during the Second World War though, restarted business limited to measuring instruments. In that case original electronic recorder and oscillation type indicating controller were a big hit with commercialization.

In 1962, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section, in 1979 listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section.[5] In 1986,renamed to CHINO Corporation to commemorate the 50th anniversary.By spreading product range to infrared thermometer, thermal imaging system, testing/controlling equipment and Fuel Cell performance testing equipment, Chino had actual sales results to most of domestic automobile manufacturer and the affiliated manufacturers in Japan. CHINO has 12 subsidiary companies including six global, three domestic factories, 21 domestic sales branches and 37 overseas dealers/distributors in 34 countries to the present.

Timeline of history[edit]

  • 1913-Foundation[6]
  • 1936-Established Chino Works Ltd.(Current: Chino Corporation)
  • 1962-Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section
  • 1963-Established Fujioka Factory.
  • 1977-Established Senko Corporation.
  • 1978-Established Kuki Factory.
  • 1979-Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section
  • 1983-Established CHINO Works America Inc.
  • 1986-Renamed to CHINO CORPORATION
  • 1989-Established KOREA CHINO CORPORATION.
  • 1990-Completion of Head Office and R & D[7] Building.
  • 1993-Established CHINO Service Corporation.
  • 1993-Established Shanghai DAHUA-CHINO Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • 1994-Chino Standard Office acquired the Certification of the Thermometer Calibration Company from Japan Calibration Service System..
  • 1994-Acquired the Certification of ISO9001 for Fujioka Factory.[8]
  • 1996-Established CHINO-LAXSONS (India) Ltd.
  • 1997– Acquired the Certification of ISO9001 for Kuki Factory
  • 1998-Acquired 100% capital shares of SANKI KEISO Co., Ltd.[9]
  • 2002-Established overseas procurement office in China
  • 2002-Acquired the Certification of ISO14001 for whole CHINO CORPORATION[10]
  • 2003-Established CHINO Instrumentation (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
  • 2006-Acquired 100% capital shares of TOKYO SEIKO Co., Ltd. Acquired 100% capital shares of ASAKAWA Lens Works Co., Ltd..Senko corporation renamed to the chino Softex Co. Ltd.
  • 2009-Acquired 100% capital shares of CHINO-LAXSONS (India) Private Limited, and renamed CHINO CORPORATION India Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2011-Absorbed Tokyo Seiko Co., Ltd.[11]
  • 2012-Absorbed Yamagata CHINO CORPORATION.Established CHINO CORPORATION (Thailand)Limited
  • 2014-Acquired 100% capital share of ULVAC-RIKO, Inc. (renamed to ADVANCE-RIKO, Inc.).[12]
  • 2015-Absorbed Chino Service Corporation
Mikio Toyoda, President of CHINO Corporation

Main business and products[edit]

Measurement and control equipment
Recorder,[13] controller and consumer equipment are in this category, Chino is supported by steady clientele called CHINO FAN. Recently, thermal imaging Camera named [Easy Thermo TP-S] released in April 2014 won the Good Design Award 2014 (Award No.14G070547) in category of equipment and facilities for manufacture, development or production.
Instrumentation system
Chino Corporation develop, manufacture and supply engineering testing equipment such as Fuel-Cell performance testing equipment, compressor calorimeter, semi-conductor/electronics performance testing equipment, control/monitoring, clean-room, temperature calibration device, etc. And calibration equipment has been adopted as national standard not only in domestic national standard institute but in overseas one.

Subsidiary companies[edit]

  1. CHINO Service Corporation (Chino's main service division and offers door-to-door service, pickup service, service education and parts distribution.)
  2. CHINO Softex Corporation (develops software for instruments such as recorders,Controllers and radiation thermometers, instrumentation system/testing equipment
  3. Sanki Keiso Co., Ltd. (deals with design, manufacture and sales of optimal air circulation device and plant factory.)
  4. Asakawa Lens Works deals with design and manufactures of optical instruments
  5. Ar's has engaged with circuit designing and holding package technology of high-density wireless module.
  6. ADVANCE-RIKO, Inc.[12](manufacture and sale of Thermal Analysis Evaluation System, Thermal Conductivity Measurement System and Infrared Gold Image Furnace/RTA System.)
  7. CHINO Works America Inc.Two main offices, located in Los Angeles and Chicago, CHINO Works America distributes with distribution of all CHINO's products in USA, Canada and middle/South American countries.
  8. Shanghai Dahua-CHINO instrument is a sales and service support organization of recorders, controllers, radiation thermometers and instrumentation in China.
  9. CHINO instrumentation Kunshan manufactures and distributes of instrumentation equipment and manufactures small components.
  10. Korea CHINO manufactures and distributes of recorders, controllers, radiation thermometers and instrumentation systems in Korea.
  11. CHINO Corporation India Private Ltd.CHINO India manufactures and distributes measurement and control Instruments such as recorders and controllers.
  12. CHINO Corporation (Thailand) Limited.CHINO Thailand distributes of all CHINO's products and do the engineering, maintenance, inspection and repair service in ASEAN countries from Thailand.

Main Factories

  1. Fujioka Factory : Fujioka-City, Gunma Pref Japan.
  2. Kuki Factory : Kuki-City, Saitama Pref Japan.
  3. Yamagata Factory:[14] Tendoh-City, Yamagata Pref Japan.

Subsidiary Factories

  1. India Factory: TTC Industrial Area, MIDC,Mahape, Navi-Mumbai Maharashtra State[15]
  2. Korea Factory : 970-120, Dongbu-daero, Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea.


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