Chio's School Road

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Chio's School Road
Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro manga volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume
(Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro)
Written byTadataka Kawasaki
Published byMedia Factory
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Comic Flapper
Original runApril 5, 2014September 5, 2018
Anime television series
Directed byTakayuki Inagaki
Produced byJunichirō Tamura
Takashi Tachizaki
Written byTakayuki Inagaki
Music byTomotaka Ohsumi
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, GBS, Mie TV, Sun TV, KBS, BS11
Original run July 6, 2018 September 21, 2018
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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Chio's School Road (ちおちゃんの通学路, Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro, lit. Chio's Commute to School) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tadataka Kawasaki. It was serialized in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Flapper magazine from April 2014 to September 2018. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Diomedéa aired from July to September 2018.


The story features a simple premise—high school girl Chio Miyamo walking from her house to her school. What happens between these two points, however, varies from day to day, ranging from strange conversations with her friend Manana, dealing with biker gangs, and performing death-defying feats of parkour.


Chio Miyamo (三谷裳 ちお, Miyamo Chio)
Voiced by: Naomi Ōzora[2] (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz[3] (English)
Chio is a high school girl who experiences all sorts of craziness on her commute to school. She is an avid gamer, particularly with Western video games, and occasionally tries to put her game experience into practice with varying degrees of success.
Manana Nonomura (野々村 真奈菜, Nonomura Manana)
Voiced by: Chiaki Omigawa[2] (Japanese); Emily Fajardo[4] (English)
Manana is Chio's best friend who has been with her since elementary school. Despite their close friendship, the two will occasionally try to backstab each other.
Yuki Hosokawa (細川 雪, Hosokawa Yuki)
Voiced by: Kaede Hondo[2] (Japanese); Kristin Sutton[5] (English)
Yuki is Chio's classmate who is a sports ace. She is very polite and often oblivious to how people see her.
Momo Shinozuka (篠塚 桃, Shinozuka Momo)
Voiced by: Minori Suzuki[6] (Japanese); Kristi Rothrock[5] (English)
Momo is a member of the public morals committee at Chio's school who has a crush on her teacher, Gotō.
Madoka Kushitori (久志取 まどか, Kushitori Madoka)
Voiced by: Yō Taichi[2] (Japanese); Marissa Lenti[7] (English)
Madoka is a senior student at Chio's school who is captain of the Kabaddi Club. She has a strong passion for kabaddi, which she ultimately comes to realize is not based in the sport itself, but rather for it being the perfect excuse to grope other girls.
Gotō (後藤)
Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi[6] (Japanese); Robert McCollum[5] (English)
Gotō is a teacher at Chio's school who always waits at the school gates as students come in every morning. While stern, he deeply cares for his students and greatly enjoys his job.
Mayuta Andō (安藤 繭太, Andō Mayuta)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama[6] (Japanese); Marcus Stimac[5] (English)
Mayuta is a former biker gang leader who is tricked by Chio into quitting his gang and now seeks to earn an honest living as a convenience store clerk. He has a crush on Chio and often goes to absurd lengths to impress her.
Chiharu Andō (安藤 ちはる, Andō Chiharu)
Voiced by: Saya Aizawa (Japanese); Alison Viktorin[5] (English)
Chiharu is Mayuta's younger sister, who has a bad habit of trying to poke other people's bottoms. She loves her older brother dearly and is driven to find the woman who made him quit his gang.



Chio's School Road is written and illustrated by Tadataka Kawasaki. It was serialized in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Flapper magazine from the May 2014 issue released on April 5, 2014[8] to the October 2018 issue released on September 5, 2018.[9] Yen Press announced during their Sakura-Con 2018 panel that they have licensed the manga in North America.[10]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 September 23, 2014[11]ISBN 978-4-04-066857-4August 21, 2018[12]ISBN 978-1-97-538120-2
2 March 23, 2015[13]ISBN 978-4-04-067297-7November 13, 2018[14]ISBN 978-1-97-530298-6
3 September 19, 2015[15]ISBN 978-4-04-067811-5February 19, 2019[16]ISBN 978-1-97-530301-3
4 March 23, 2016[17]ISBN 978-4-04-068227-3May 21, 2019[18]ISBN 978-1-97-532767-5
5 September 23, 2016[19]ISBN 978-4-04-068538-0September 10, 2019[20]ISBN 978-1-97-532770-5
6 March 23, 2017[21]ISBN 978-4-04-069115-2October 29, 2019[22]ISBN 978-1-97-532773-6
7 September 23, 2017[23]ISBN 978-4-04-069415-3December 10, 2019[24]ISBN 978-1-97-532776-7
8 March 23, 2018[25]ISBN 978-4-04-069773-4
9 September 21, 2018[26]ISBN 978-4-04-065107-1


A 12-episode anime television series adaptation was originally scheduled to premiere in April 2018,[27] but the release date was pushed back to July 6,[28][6][29] and it concluded on September 21, 2018. It is directed and written by Takayuki Inagaki at Diomedéa,[30] with character designs by Mayuko Matsumoto.[31] The series is being streamed on Crunchyroll with English subtitles, and by Funimation with an English dub.[32] The series' opening theme is "Danger in my Tsūgakuro" (Danger in my 通学路) by Naomi Ōzora, Chiaki Omigawa, and Kaede Hondo, and the ending theme is "Nanairoad" (ナナイロード) by Ōzora and Omigawa.[33]

No. Title[a] Original air date
1"Because the School Is There"
Transcription: "Soko ni Gakkō ga Aru Kara" (Japanese: そこに学校があるから)
"Chio-chan and Hosokawa-san"
Transcription: "Chio-chan to Hosokawa-san" (Japanese: ちおちゃんと細川さん)
July 6, 2018 (2018-07-06)
Running late to school and finding her usual shortcut blocked off, Chio Miyamo decides to take a cue from her video games and attempts to parkour her way to school via rooftop. On another day, Chio is unsure how to react when sports ace Yuki Hosokawa greets her during her commute.
2"Bloody Butterfly Effect"
Transcription: "Buraddi Batafurai Efekuto" (Japanese: ブラッディ・バタフライ・エフェクト)
"Manana, Ootoro, and Me"
Transcription: "Manana to Ōtoro to Watashi" (Japanese: 真奈菜と大トロと私)
"Bump of Slave"
Transcription: "Banpu obu Sureibu" (Japanese: バンプ・オブ・スレイブ)
July 13, 2018 (2018-07-13)
After accidentally elbowing motorcycle gang leader Mayuta Andō and knocking over his bicycle, Chio escapes the situation by taking on her online persona, Bloody Butterfly, and scaring him into quitting his gang. The next day, Chio and her friend Manana Nonomura spy on Yuki being confessed to by a boy, ending up in a compromising situation themselves when she mentions being friends with Chio. Later, Manana lies about having experience with guys to try and get in good graces with Yuki.
3"Bloody Butterfly Effect 2"
Transcription: "Buraddi Batafurai Efekuto 2" (Japanese: ブラッディ・バタフライ・エフェクト 2)
"The Kabaddic Four"
Transcription: "Kabadikku Fō" (Japanese: カバディック・フョー)
July 20, 2018 (2018-07-20)
Chio comes across Andō speaking with his gang about their encounter, prompting her to reveal the truth to him about Bloody Butterfly. The next day, Chio and Manana are approached by Madoka Kushitori about joining her Kabaddi Club. Forced into a practise match against her and Yuki, Chio manages to avoid defeat by taking advantage of Madoka's lesbian tendencies.
4"Smoke on the Sailor"
Transcription: "Sumōku on za Sērā" (Japanese: スモーク・オン・ザ・セーラー)
"Taking the Cherry Blossom in Your Hand"
Transcription: "Sakura no Hana o Te ni Totte" (Japanese: 桜の花を手にとって)
"Manana's School Road"
Transcription: "Manana-chan no Tsūgakuro" (Japanese: まななちゃんの通学路)
July 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Chio and Manana find themselves with a used cigarette and have fun playing with it in a barely legal sense, but are soon faced with the task of getting it past their teacher Gotō. Later, the girls help out Andō as he struggles to deal with troublesome customers during a newspaper delivery job. On another day, Manana demonstrates how she would've handled Chio's first encounter with Yuki.
5"Thank You, George"
Transcription: "Sankyū, Jōji" (Japanese: サンキュー, ジョージ)
Transcription: "Mananacchio" (Japanese: まななっちお)
August 3, 2018 (2018-08-03)
Desperately needing to go to the toilet, Chio inadvertedly walks into a men's bathroom and has to find a way to sneak out unnoticed. Momo Shinozuka, a public morals officer with a crush on Gotō, finds herself bewildered by the weird antics of Chio and Manana, questioning if they are actually friends.
6"Everyone's Own Path"
Transcription: "Sorezore no Michi" (Japanese: それぞれの道)
"Chio-chan Eludes"
Transcription: "Erūdo Chio-chan" (Japanese: エルードちおちゃん)
August 10, 2018 (2018-08-10)
Chio and Manana spot Madoka training to suppress her desire to touch other girls for the sake of true kabaddi. On another day, Chio, influenced by stealth games, tries to sneak up on Manana by hanging off the side of a bridge, only to find pulling herself up harder than she thought.
7"Convenience Store Chio-chan"
Transcription: "Konbini Chio-chan" (Japanese: コンビニちおちゃん)
"Chio-chan and the Duel"
Transcription: "Chio-chan to Kettō" (Japanese: ちおちゃんと決闘)
"Remnants of That Day"
Transcription: "Ano Hi no Omokage" (Japanese: あの日の面影)
August 17, 2018 (2018-08-17)
Chio attempts to buy a BL game magazine from the convenience store, only to discover that Andou is working there. The next day, Chio is challenged to a butt-poking duel by a girl seeking revenge for her brother. Later, Chio and Manana come across an old woman, who they assume is reminiscing over a lost love.
8"Yuki-chan Doesn't Care"
Transcription: "Yuki-chan wa Ki ni Shinai" (Japanese: 雪ちゃんは気にしない)
"Chio Fisher"
Transcription: "Chio Fisshā" (Japanese: チオ・フィッシャー)
"Momo-chan's Story"
Transcription: "Momo-chan no Ohanashi" (Japanese: 桃ちゃんのおはなし)
August 24, 2018 (2018-08-24)
When Yuki decides to wear her skimpy track uniform to school, Manana decides to test her to see if she'll be embarrassed. Chio's gaming sense gets the better of her yet again when she decides to climb up a narrow alleyway, prompting Manana to go and save her. Momo recalls how, in her time of need, she was saved by Gotō and joined the disciplinary committee.
9"Chio-chan Changes Her Image"
Transcription: "Imechen Chio-chan" (Japanese: イメチェンちおちゃん)
"Flat Cut"
Transcription: "Furatto Katto" (Japanese: フラットカット)
August 31, 2018 (2018-08-31)
A homeless man who previously helped Madoka with her training decides to help Chio change up her image. Later, Manana notices that Andou has a crush on Chio and is desperately trying to appeal to her.
10"Shinozuka-san, Sugar Content, and the Press Conference"
Transcription: "Shinozuka-san to Tōbun to Kisha Kaiken" (Japanese: 篠塚さんと糖分と記者会見)
"Thousand Spring"
Transcription: "Sauzando Supuringu" (Japanese: サウザンドスプリング)
"Andou and George"
Transcription: "Andō to Jōji" (Japanese: 安藤とジョージ)
September 7, 2018 (2018-09-07)
Wanting to break the rules to better understand Gotō, Momo asks Chio and Manana to help her experience what it's like to buy sweets on the way to school, exposing how she acts when she eats sweet things. Chio once again encounters the butt-poking girl, revealed to be Andou's younger sister Chiharu, who is seeking revenge against the woman who caused her brother to quit his gang. Afterwards, Andou tries to protect George the cat from danger.
11"Chio in the Middle of the Night"
Transcription: "Mayonaka no Chio-chan" (Japanese: 真夜中のちおちゃん)
Transcription: "Apokuri!" (Japanese: アポクリ!)
September 14, 2018 (2018-09-14)
Chio finds herself unable to get to sleep after a late night gaming session, putting herself in a tough situation when she inadvertently wakes up at 4am. Manana becomes conscious about her body odour, only to discover Chio smells way worse than her, wondering if it was the cause of all of her misfortunes.
12"Just One Masterful Method"
Transcription: "Tatta Hitotsu no Saeta Yarikata" (Japanese: たったひとつの冴えたやりかた)
"Yuki-chan Bares It All"
Transcription: "Yuki-chan wa Matowanai" (Japanese: 雪ちゃんはまとわない)
September 21, 2018 (2018-09-21)
Chiharu asks for Chio's help with her social studies homework on how she could earn 500 yen, leading them to search for cans to sell at the recycling plant. Later, a revalation about what Yuki does at home somehow leads to everyone walking to school without panties on, which proves exhilarating until they run into Madoka.


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