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In Greek mythology, Chione[1] (from Greek χιών - chiōn, "snow")[2] is an Aura (a wind nymph; the daughters of the Anemoi (the gods of the winds) and a goddess of winter and snow.


Chione is the goddess/personification of snow and of winter; as the goddess of winter, she is often depicted accompanying the seasonal Horae; Thallo (Spring), Auxo (Summer), and Carpo (Autumn).[citation needed] Chione is an Aurae (the daughters of the Anemoi).

Chione is a daughter of Boreas, the god of the north wind, and Orithyia, the lady of mountain gales. Chione has a sister, Cleopatra (wife of Phineus), and two brothers, Calaïs and Zetes.[3] Chione is the mother of Poseidon's son Eumolpus whom she threw into the ocean for fear of her father's reaction; however, he is saved and raised by Poseidon.[4]

She was originally a mortal princess, who was later deified as a goddess of cold mountain winds.[citation needed]

Popular culture[edit]

Chione (spelled as Khione) is an antagonist in Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series. She resides in Montreal with her father Boreas and her brothers Zethes and Cal (the Boreads). She first appears in The Lost Hero as a self-centered minor goddess desperate for power outside her father's realm. Khione voluntarily aligns herself with the series's main antagonist, Gaia (spelled Gaea), and defies the will of her father and the other gods. The character Leo Valdez finds her attractive, which makes it easy for her to manipulate him and other protagonists throughout the series.[5]


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