Intelligent Computing CHIP magazine (India)

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Intelligent Computing CHIP magazine
CHIP Logo.gif
Categories Computer magazines
Frequency Monthly
First issue March 1998
Final issue August 2013
Company Infomedia 18
Country India
Website Chip India

Intelligent Computing CHIP (IC CHIP) was a monthly Information Technology magazine published by Network 18 Publishing Ltd (formerly Infomedia 18 Ltd.) since December 2003. It is the Indian edition of the German monthly CHIP, which is a registered trademark of Vogel Burda Holding Inc. Jamshed Avari served as the Deputy Editor-in-chief of the magazine from January 2010 to June 2013. Sharon Khare served as Deputy Editor from July 2013 to September 2013.[1]


IC Chip was launched in India in March 1998.[2][3] It was earlier published in India by Exicom India Ltd[4] from Jasubhai Digital Media under a licensing agreement with Vogel-Veriag of Germany. It touched a circulation of 120,000.[5] However, financial issues led to Jasubhai parting ways with Vogel, and launching their own magazine called Digit.[6]

Later, the magazine was licensed to Infomedia 18. IC CHIP carries a free, dual layer DVD and a supplement called CHIP Insider every month. The DVD contains software, game demos, Linux Distros and tools, and CHIP archives. It also carries a few videos such as Tech Toyz videos and game trailers. Another supplement, CHIP Plus, which has now been discontinued, was meant for beginners. It contained guides and tutorials on various IT-related topics.

On 22 October 2013, Chip subscribers received an e-mail regarding the discontinuation of IC CHIP.

Download CHIP Asia[edit]

Download CHIP Asia was a community introduced in 2008.[7] Download CHIP Asia, which has now been discontinued, enabled users of the CHIP website to download software, write reviews, and recommend software to be featured on the siimagete.


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