Chip Chap River

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Chip Chap River
China India western border 88.jpg
Map showing Chip Chap River on the China-India border
Countries India and China
Basin features
Main source Aksai Chin
River mouth Shyok River
River system Indus River

The Chip Chap River (meaning: "quiet river")[1][2] flows from southern Xinjiang region of China to Jammu and Kashmir of India. It discharges into the Shyok River and is one of the upstream tributaries of the Indus River. Its basin area is around 4,410 square kilometres (1,700 sq mi).

The western portion of the river is a popular part of trekking trails in India.[3][4]

The upper portion of the river and its valley is in the disputed Aksai Chin region claimed by India. While one source states that it has been under Chinese control since the early 1950s,[5] two other sources state that Chinese troops first established a border post on the Chip Chap River after May 1961.[6][7] In November 1961 Indian and Chinese forces clashed in the Chip Chap Valley. Several Chinese soldiers were killed and China withdrew its soldiers. During the 1962 Sino-Indian War, the Chinese attacked Indian posts in the valley and have since controlled the disputed area.[8]


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Coordinates: 35°16′30″N 78°11′10″E / 35.275°N 78.186°E / 35.275; 78.186