Chip Hilton Player of the Year Award

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The Chip Hilton Player of the Year Award was presented to a men's college basketball player who was a senior and who had demonstrated strong personal character both on and off the court, similar to the fictional Chip Hilton character depicted by Hall of Fame coach Clair Bee in the classic Chip Hilton series of sports stories.

The NCAA had given the national award since 1997 to a Division I player who demonstrated outstanding character, leadership, integrity, humility, sportsmanship and talent. The award has evidently ceased to be given out following 2011 as no 2012 announcements were ever made.


Tim Duncan of Wake Forest won in 1997.
Shane Battier of Duke won in 2001.
Gerry McNamara of Syracuse won in 2006.
Season Player School
1996–97 Duncan, TimTim Duncan Wake Forest
1997–98 Booker, HassanHassan Booker Navy
1998–99 Hill, TimTim Hill Harvard
1999–00 Nájera, EduardoEduardo Nájera Oklahoma
2000–01 Battier, ShaneShane Battier Duke
2001–02 Dixon, JuanJuan Dixon Maryland
2002–03 Miller, BrandonBrandon Miller Butler
2003–04 Okafor, EmekaEmeka Okafor[a] Connecticut
2004–05 Ross, RonaldRonald Ross Texas Tech
2005–06 McNamara, GerryGerry McNamara Syracuse
2006–07 Law IV, AcieAcie Law IV Texas A&M
2007–08 Green, MikeMike Green Butler
2008–09 Brockman, JonJon Brockman Washington
2009–10 Martínez, RománRomán Martínez New Mexico
2010–11 Jenkins, CharlesCharles Jenkins Hofstra


  • a Okafor graduated as a finance major in only three years. He was a senior academically in 2003–04, but was still considered a junior as it related to his athletic eligibility.