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This article is about the sandwich made using french-fried potatoes. For the sandwich made using potato chips, see Crisp sandwich.
Chip butty
Chip Butty.jpg
A classic chip butty using white bread, butter and tomato sauce
Alternative names Chip sandwich, chip barm, chip roll, chip muffin, chip stottie, piece and chips, hot chip sandwich, chip batch, chip sarnie,
Type Sandwich
Main ingredients Bread or a bread cake, chips, sauce
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A chip butty, chip sandwich, chip barm, chip batch, chip roll, chip muffin, piece and chips or chip piece (in Scots) is a sandwich made with bread or a bread roll (usually white and buttered) and chips (French Fries), often with some sort of sauce such as tomato sauce e.g. ketchup, brown sauce or mayonnaise.[1]

The chip butty can be vegetarian-friendly if the chips are not fried in lard or dripping. One variation is the chip bap or barm, which uses a floury bap or barm cake instead of white sliced bread. Another variation frequently seen in the North is the scallop butty, in which a battered slice of potato is used in place of chips. In the East Midlands a chip butty made with a bread roll is referred to as a "chip cob".

In popular culture[edit]

A football chant (sung to "Annie's Song" by John Denver) called "The Greasy Chip Butty Song" is popular with the supporters of Sheffield United Football Club. The chip butty made appearances both as a power-up in the video game Earthworm Jim 2 and as a house in the PC game The Neverhood, introducing the dish to foreign gamers.

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