Miship language

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Native to Nigeria
Region Plateau State
Native speakers
(6,000 cited 1976)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mjs
Glottolog mish1244[2]

Miship(Chip) is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Plateau State, Nigeria. Doka is a dialect.[1] The chip people are found in Pankshin local government.[3] The traditional occupation of Chip people is farming. The people worship Na'an. Oral tradition states that they migrated from Kanem-Bornu to their present homeland with other tribes, Ngas, Mupun, Mwaghavul.[4] Most chip names are unisex so in order to differentiate a boy from a girl the prefix Na is added to the girl's name and Da is added to the boy's. For example a boy and a girl both sharing Nandi, the boy would be Danan and the girl Nanan.

Words, Sentences and Numbers In Chip[edit]

God - Na' an / Nan

Father - Nda

Child - La

Girl - Larep

Wash - Vang

Person - Gurum

Rain - Fuan/Fwan

Children - Jep

Gwom - Tuwon

Kapa - Rice

Kuzuk - Acha

Tok - soup

Chicken - Co

Dog - As

Goat - Irr

Lu - Meat. It is used to specifically refer to the meat gotten out of an animal, for example chicken would be Lu Co

. What is your name - Sim yi awe? (girl) Sim gih awe (boy) Good night - Nan yakal kih mun. Bye - sai dih darr.

One - Kihme Two - Vul Three - Kun Four- Ferre Five - pa'ad


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