Chippy (album)

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Songs From Chippy.jpg
Studio album by Joe Ely, Terry Allen, Butch Hancock, Robert Earl Keen, Wayne Hancock, Jo Harvey Allen, Jo Carol Pierce
Released 1995
Recorded Spur Studio, Austin, TX
Feb. & Mar. 1994
Genre Texas Country
Label Hollywood Records
Producer Joe Ely & Terry Allen

Chippy, also known as Songs from "Chippy", is an album by Terry Allen, Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, Robert Earl Keen, Wayne Hancock, Jo Harvey Allen and Jo Carol Pierce. It includes original music from the play, Chippy, which was written by Jo Harvey and Terry Allen and commissioned by the American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, where it received its world premiere in 1994.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Goodnight Dear Diary" (Joe Ely)
  2. "Across the Great Divide" (Jo Carol Pierce)
  3. "Chippy Narration"
  4. "Buildin' More Fires" (J. Ely)
  5. "Wind's Gonna Blow You Away" (Butch Hancock)
  6. "Gonna California" (Terry Allen)
  7. "Thunderstorms & Neon Signs" (Wayne Hancock)
  8. "Fate with a Capital F" (J. Ely, B. Hancock, T. Allen)
  9. "The Way I Was Raised" (Jo Harvey Allen)
  10. "Cup of Tea" (J. Ely, J. Allen)
  11. "Tongues"
  12. "Low Lights of Town" (B. Hancock)
  13. "I Blame God" (Pierce)
  14. "Oil Wells"
  15. "Cold Black Hammer" (J. Ely)
  16. "Boomtown Boogie" (B. Hancock, T. Allen, J. Ely, J. Allen)
  17. "Back to Black" (T. Allen)
  18. "Just Dancin"
  19. "Whiskey and Women and Money to Burn" (J. Ely)
  20. "Morning Goodness" (B. Hancock)
  21. "Angels of the Wind" (T. Allen)
  22. "Roll Around" (B. Hancock)
  23. "Goodnight" (J. Ely)