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Chips&Media, Inc.
Traded as KOSDAQ:094360
Industry Semiconductor IP
Founded March 2003
Headquarters Seoul, Korea

Video Decoder IP Core BODA, Video Encoder & Decoder IP Core CODA,

UHD (4K) Video Encoder & Decoder IP Core WAVE
Revenue Increase KRW 12.0 billion (2015)
Increase KRW 2.37 billion (2015)
Increase KRW 2.93 billion (2015)
Slogan Create Premier Multimedia Solution

Chips&Media, Inc., is a provider of multimedia SoC IP technology with core expertise on video IP, offering multi-codec video IP solutions for smartphones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, digital cameras, video surveillance and automotive.

Since 2003, as a first mover as video IP licensor, the firm has been developing a series of IP solutions including video codecs, video frame buffer compression and video/image post-processing for high performance multimedia digital devices.

Its video IP cores, BODA, CODA and WAVE, cover a full line of video standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264/AVC, VC-1, RealVideo, AVS, MVC, VP8, Sorenson, Theora, AVS, AVS+, HEVC(H.265) and VP9 from CIF to 4K/8K resolutions. Their video codec technologies are used by more than 80 licensees including Freescale,[1][2][3] VIA,[4] Realtek and Novatek[5] Innofidei,[6] Telechips.

The company announced to expand video codec focused portfolio to image signal processing.[7]


Video IP[edit]

WAVE: Video encoder & decoder for UHD (4K) IP core[edit]

BODA: Video decoder IP core[edit]

CODA: Video encoder & decoder IP core[edit]

  • CODA video IP cores are multi-standard video engines that provide a full range of encoding and decoding capabilities with support for simultaneous multiple channel or format, suited to mobile/portable handset, digital camcorders, home multimedia devices, video conferencing and video surveillance.


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