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Chipstone Foundation
  • 7820 North Club Circle
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217
Jonathan Prown

The Chipstone Foundation is a Wisconsin-based foundation dedicated to promoting American decorative arts scholarship. Originating from the private collection of Stanley and Polly Stone, the foundation uses its objects and resources to support decorative arts projects and publications at other institutions, seeking to find "newer ways to look at old things.".[1]

In 1999, the Chipstone Foundation partnered with the Milwaukee Art Museum, thereby making many of Chipstone's significant holdings on view for public display.

The Chipstone Foundation publishes two significant annual scholarly journals: American Furniture and Ceramics in America.[2] The foundation also has an association with the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Together they created an academic program that explores multiple approaches to the study of American material culture by bringing together scholars from other departments at the University, including history, art, African studies, design, and literature.


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