Chiquitano dry forests

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Forest, Santa Criz Dept, Bolivia.jpg

The Chiquitano dry forests is a tropical dry broadleaf forest ecoregion in Bolivia and Brazil.


The Chiquitano dry forests cover an area of 230,600 square kilometers (89,000 sq mi). The ecoregion lies east of the Andes Mountains, in the lowlands of eastern Bolivia and the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Rondônia. The tropical moist forests of Amazonia lie to the west and northwest. The Cerrado savanna lies to the north and northeast, and the Pantanal flooded savanna lies to the east. The dry forests of the Chaco lie to the south.


The climate of the Chiquitano dry forests is tropical, with a strong dry season during the southern hemisphere winter.



Animal species found in the ecoregion include:

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