Chiquitita (album)

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Menudo Chiquitita.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1979
Genre Latin Pop
Menudo chronology

Chiquitita (1979) is Menudo's third Spanish album featuring brothers[1] Carlos, Óscar and Ricky Meléndez,[2] Fernando Sallaberry,[3] and new member René Farrait. René replaced Nefty Sallaberry after Nefty reached the age limit set by Menudo Management.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ella-a-a - Singer: All the group
  2. Sólo Tu Amor - Singer: René Farrait
  3. Doña Tecla - Singer: Óscar Meléndez and Ricky Melendez
  4. Mi Mejor Amiga - Singer: Fernando Sallaberry
  5. Voy A América - Singer: René Farrait
  6. Chiquitita - Singer: Fernando Sallaberry (Second Voice from Carlos Meléndez)
  7. Sueños - Singer: Carlos Meléndez
  8. De Tu Vuelo - Singer: All the group
  9. Soy Natural - Singer : All the group
  10. Voulez-Vous - Singer : All the group


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