Chira Chas

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Chira Chas
Real Estate Hub of Bokaro / Municipality
Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple at Kalika Vihar at Chira Chas Bokaro
Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple at Kalika Vihar at Chira Chas Bokaro
Chira Chas is located in Jharkhand
Chira Chas
Chira Chas
Chira Chas is located in India
Chira Chas
Chira Chas
Location in Jharkhand, India
Coordinates: 23°39′N 86°11′E / 23.65°N 86.18°E / 23.65; 86.18Coordinates: 23°39′N 86°11′E / 23.65°N 86.18°E / 23.65; 86.18
Country  India
State Jharkhand
District Bokaro
 • Body Chas Municipal Corporation
Elevation 210 m (690 ft)
 • Total 50,000
 • Official Hindi, Urdu, Santali
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 827013
Telephone code 916542
Vehicle registration JH 09

Chira Chas, part of Chas municipality (Chas Ward #2), in the state of Jharkhand, India is a suburb of Bokaro Steel City and Chas. It is included in the urban area of Bokaro Steel City. Chira Chas is notable for its real estate boom, with many housing projects(Anand Vihar ,Kunj Vihar,Chanakya puri Colony,Great Alexander Colony,Gulshan Enclave) and integrated townships being built within its scenic environs. Due to close proximity to Bokaro, coupled with an increase in spending capacity of citizens, real estate prices in Chira Chas have gradually increased since 2001.


Chira Chas was once a desolate and poor cousin of its populous counterpart Chas. The mid-nineties saw development of the suburbs first housing societies. From scattered hamlets to the integrated and modern townships[1] being built today, Chira Chas has come a long way. Chira Chas has seen the development of 10-15 colonies and mini townships over the last few years.


Chira Chas is located at 23°39′N 86°11′E / 23.65°N 86.18°E / 23.65; 86.18.[2] It has an average elevation of 210 metres (688 feet). It is situated east of River Garga, from the river till the Damodar River.


More than 50 thousand citizens reside at Chira Chas, living in multitude of completed apartments and bungalow.[3] Demographic is essentially composed of retired BSL employees, their families and indigenous population composed of villagers. Due to a booming population, the area has seen a study influx of shopping supermarkets, retail outlets and educational establishments. Proximity to Bokaro Steel City, better quality of life, absolute ownership over residential dwellings are few of the reasons for the increasing population at Chira Chas. Thanks to inherently diverse nature of Bokaro's urban populace, Chira Chas residents hail from different states and regions, epitomizing unity in diversity.[4]

Things to see[edit]

  • Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple - Situated at Kalika Vihar ( at Ashiyana garden, phase 3), this 90 feet tall temple, devoted to Devi Kali Ma, (also known as 'Sri Sri Karunandomayee Maa') is an architectural marvel, in the shape of a flower, with petals forming entrances. This temple is also known as Sri Sri Karunamayee Temple.
  • Old Shiva Mandir - Located at the main road of Chira Chas 23°39′N 86°11′E / 23.65°N 86.18°E / 23.65; 86.18.[5]
  • Nature Trail - Chira Chas is characterized by its beautiful country side and miles of meandering 'kuccha' roads, known as 'nature trail'.


Several prominent educational institutions and public schools are located at Chira Chas. Apart from established schools such as Kid Zee play school, Saint Paul Academy, Rainbow Public school, College of Management & Computer Education (CMCE - Bokaro) caters to graduate and post graduate education. Established in 1995, CMCE offers BBA, BCA degrees and 100% FREE Skill Development Courses in Computer, Soft Skills, Management, etc. under DGET, Govt. of India Project.[6]

Prominent Housing Projects[edit]

Prominent housing projects (in alphabetical order) include:

  • Aashiyan Estate Projects[7] - Completed housing colonies include Janakpuri Apartments, Engineers Enclave, Parmanand Nagram, Radhika Tower and Devki Tower. Upcoming projects include Shri Janki, Shri Ram & Shri Laxman Tower and various duplex Bungalow.
  • Kunj Vihar housing phases[8] - Various townships in Kunj Vihar phase 1 and 2.
  • Vastu Vihar A Biggest Townships[9] - Vastu Vihar phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 consisted of Simplex, Triplex (Triveni), Jayanti, Katyayani Duplex Bunglows, apart from 2 BHK flats.

How to get there[edit]

  • Bridge behind Bokaro Hotel - A 78 meter bridge, behind Bokaro Hotel which connects Chira Chas with Sector 5D, Bokaro. This bridge can be used by all vehicles such as LMVs, two wheelers and rickshaws, except heavy vehicles such as trucks, dumpers and buses.
  • New Bridge at Sector 6 Chhath Ghat - A new two lane 100 meter bridge, being built alongside the old sector 6 B bridge at the Chhath ghat. This bridge would connect sector 6 to Chira chas through a 15-20 meter road in near future.
  • National Highway 32 - it takes 5 minutes to reach chira chas through NH32, turn west near talgoria more where a iron and steel factory is located.

Places in the vicinity[edit]



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