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Chirchiq / Чирчиқ
Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Chirchiq is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 41°28′8″N 69°34′56″E / 41.46889°N 69.58222°E / 41.46889; 69.58222
Country Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan
Region Tashkent Region
Population (1999)
 • Total 149,400

Chirchiq also spelled as Chirchik (Uzbek: Chirchiq / Чирчиқ; Russian: Чирчик) is a city (1999 pop. 145,600) in Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan, about 32 km northeast of Tashkent, along the Chirchiq River. Chirchiq lies in the Chatkal Mountains. The population of Chirchiq as of 2014 is approximately 149,400.[1]

It is located at latitude 41° 28' 8N; longitude 69° 34' 56E, 582 meters above sea level.

The city was founded in 1935, when several local villages grew together as a consequence of the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Chirchiq River.

Chirchiq is in the middle of an intensively cultivated area, producing mainly vegetables and fruits, including melons and grapes. A large electrochemical works produces fertilizer for the region's collective farms. Chirchiq's industries also include the production of ferroalloys and machinery for the agricultural and chemical industries.

Chirchiq is also a major winter recreation area in Tashkent Region. There is a ski resort near the city, named Chimgan, that attract tourists from throughout Central Asia and Russia. A water diversion on the Chirchiq River just outside the city provides the major source of drinking water for Tashkent and other cities to the south.

Demography. The main ethnicity is Uzbek, followed by Kazakh.

Education. Medical college Industrial college

Coordinates: 41°28′N 69°35′E / 41.467°N 69.583°E / 41.467; 69.583