Chiricahua Peak

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Chiricahua Peak
Chiricahua Peak is located in Arizona
Chiricahua Peak
Chiricahua Peak
Arizona, U.S.
Elevation 9,763 ft (2,976 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 5,139 ft (1,566 m)[1]
Listing Ultra
Location Cochise County, Arizona, U.S.
Range Chiricahua Mountains
Coordinates 31°50′47″N 109°17′29″W / 31.8464821°N 109.2914511°W / 31.8464821; -109.2914511Coordinates: 31°50′47″N 109°17′29″W / 31.8464821°N 109.2914511°W / 31.8464821; -109.2914511[2]
Topo map USGS Chiricahua Peak
Type Volcanic
Age of rock 27 Ma

Chiricahua Peak is the name of a 9,763 feet (2,976 m) peak located in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona, located about 35 miles (56 km) north of the United States–Mexico border. It is the highest summit in the Chiricahua Mountains and the highest point in Cochise County.

As with the rest of the Chiricahua Mountains, the peak was formed as the result of a violent volcanic eruption about 27 million years ago.[3]

The peak contains one of the southernmost Engelmann spruce stands in the world. There are also extensive stands of aspen on the northslope. Much of the peak was severely burned in recent times, which creates vast open views across the landscape. This includes views across the Basin and Range to Mount Lemmon, Mount Graham, and Mount Wrightson. In addition Willcox Playa is visible in the basin below.

The summit is heavily forested primarily with pines.

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