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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Urodela
Family: Plethodontidae
Subfamily: Hemidactyliinae
Genus: Chiropterotriton
Taylor, 1944
15 species (see text)

Chiropterotriton, also known as splayfoot salamanders or flat-footed salamanders, is a genus of salamanders in the family Plethodontidae. The genus is endemic to Mexico.[1]

Chiropterotriton are widely distributed in northern and eastern Mexico. They are an ecologically diverse group, occupying a range of habitats, including cloud forests, pine-oak forests, oak forests, and caves. They may be found in various microhabitats, such as arboreal bromeliads, rock crevices, caves, and terrestrial cover objects. Most species are superficially similar in their appearance, making species delimitation by purely morphological means difficult. However, molecular methods have aided description of new species.[2]


As of early 2016, this genus includes the following 15 species:[1][3]

Binomial Name and Author Common Name
Chiropterotriton arboreus
(Taylor, 1941)
Arboreal splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton chiropterus
Cope, 1863
Common splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton chondrostega
Taylor, 1941
Gristle-headed splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton cieloensis
Rovito and Parra-Olea, 2015
El Cielo salamander
Chiropterotriton cracens
Rabb, 1958
Graceful splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton dimidiatus
Taylor, 1939
Dwarf splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton infernalis
Rovito and Parra-Olea, 2015
Sistema Purificación salamander
Chiropterotriton lavae
Taylor, 1942
Pygmy splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton magnipes
Rabb, 1965
Bigfoot splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton miquihuanus
Campbell, Streicher, Cox, and Brodie, 2014
Miquihuana splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton mosaueri
Woodall, 1941
Cave splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton multidentatus
Taylor, 1938
Toothy splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton orculus
Cope, 1865
Chignahuapan splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton priscus
Rabb, 1956
Primeval splayfoot salamander
Chiropterotriton terrestris
Taylor, 1941
Terrestrial splayfoot salamander


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