Chirurgia magna

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This article is about the Chirurgia magna attributed to Guy de Chauliac. For the Practica or Ars completa totius Chirurgiae also known by the name Chirurgia magna, see Lanfranc of Milan.

Chirurgia magna (Latin for "Great [work on] Surgery"), fully titled the Inventarium sive chirurgia magna (Latin for "The Inventory, or the Great [work on] Surgery"), is a guide to surgery and practical medicine completed in 1363. Guy de Chauliac, Pope Clement VI's attending physician, compiled the information from his own field experience and research of historical medical texts. The original text is in Latin and comprises 465 pages. This work became one of the most important reference manuals of practical medicine for the next three centuries.[1]

The physician and bibliophile Tibulle Desbarreaux-Bernard (1798–1880) believed that the Chirurgia magna was originally written in Catalan at the medical school in Montpellier and that the extant Latin text is an early translation.[2]