Chisenbury Camp

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Chisenbury Camp
possibly Cissanbyrig
Chisenbury Camp is located in Wiltshire
Chisenbury Camp
Shown within Wiltshire
Location Wiltshire
Coordinates 51°17′02″N 1°47′01″W / 51.2838°N 1.7836°W / 51.2838; -1.7836
Periods Iron Age
Site notes
Public access no

Chisenbury Camp is the site of an Iron Age univallate hillfort located in Wiltshire, England. The site comprises a small circular 5 acre enclosure that was unfortunately levelled in 1931. A post was part excavated while being demolished. The site was partially excavated in the 19th century and there were finds of ceramics, worked stone, worked animal bone and remains of human burial.[1]

The site currently lies within the bounds of a small grass strip airfield, the former RAF Upavon, and is run through by the perimeter access road on the southern side of the field.


The site is located at grid reference SU15195387, to the southeast of the village of Upavon, in the county of Wiltshire. The site lies at a level of approximately 160mAOD.

The larger Iron Age hill fort of Casterley Camp lies close by to the west. There are also a number of other Iron Age earthworks in the area, including Lidbury Camp[2] (scheduled monument no.10043) to the southeast, but this is too small to be a hill fort or plateau fort, measuring just 90m across. There are also numerous ditches, barrows, trackways, field systems, and tumuli in the area.

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