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Chidatsu (c653) was a priest of the Hosso School of Japanese Buddhism.

Nomenclature and etymology[edit]

Chitatsu / Chidatsu (智達)


The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism (2002) mentions Hsyan-tsang, Tz'u-en, Dosho of Gango-ji, Nara, Gango-ji, Chitsuare in reference to elucidating that Chitatsu was:

A priest of the Dharma Characteristics (Hosso) school in Japan. In 658, together with Chitsu, he journeyed to China and studied the doctrine of the Dharma Characteristics school under Hsyan-tsang and his disciple Tz'u-en. They brought the doctrine back with them. Earlier, Dōshō of Gangō-ji temple in Nara went to China in 653 and studied under Hsyan-tsang. On his return he spread the Dharma Characteristics teaching at Gango-ji. Thus Chitatsu and Chitsuare regarded together as the second to propagate the doctrine of this school in Japan. After his return, Chitatsu lived at Gango-ji temple and disseminated the Dharma Characteristics doctrine.[1]

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