Chitose Air Group

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Chitose Air Group
Chitose Kōkūtai
Active 1 October 1939-December 1942
Disbanded December 1942
Country Japan
Allegiance Imperial Japanese
Branch Navy Air Service
Type Air group
Role To support Japanese Navy's 4th Fleet
Aircraft flown
Bomber Mitsubishi G3M Type 96
Fighter Mitsubishi A5M Type 96

The Chitose Air Group (Chitose Kōkūtai) was an air group of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service during World War II. The group was formed on 1 October 1939 at Chitose Airfield, Hokkaidō equipped with Mitsubishi G3M Type 96 bombers. The group was later supplemented with Mitsubishi A5M Type 96 fighters. In December 1941, it was assigned to support Japanese Navy's 4th Fleet for operations in the central Pacific as part of the 24th Air Flotilla.[1] It was renamed the 201 Air Group in December 1942. Not to be confused with IJN Chitose.



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