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Chitra Mudgal (born December 10, 1944) is one of the leading literary figures of modern Hindi literature.

Personal life[edit]

Chitra Mudgal was born in Chennai India on December 10, 1944.[1] Educated in Mumbai, she has done her M.A. in Hindi Literature from the SNDT Women's University. She married Awadh Narain Mudgal, former Editor of "Sarika", against her father's wish.[2]

Literary work[edit]

Her novel 'Aavaan',[3] portraying the lives and times during the Trade Union Movement during the time of Datta Samant has been acknowledged by critics as a masterpiece of literary work and stands as a classic novel in Hindi Literature.[4]

The plot of ‘Aavaan’ was conceived following the murder of a committed trade union leader, Shankar Guha Niyogi.[5] His murder was in fact followed by the murder of another popular unionist of Bombay, Dr. Datta Samant. Subsequently, another labour leader of Madhya Pradesh, from Maihar, was killed. The murder of Dr. Datta Samant who was her guide and philosopher "shattered her” and became the bases of her novel ‘Aavaan’.[6]



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