Chittagong Cantonment Public College

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Chittagong Cantonment Public College
চট্টগ্রাম ক্যান্টনমেন্ট পাবলিক কলেজ
Type Public
Motto আল্লাহ আমায় জ্ঞান দাও
(Allah Give Me Wisdom)
Established 1961 (1961)
Area trustee Chittagong Cantonment
Principal Colonel Abu Naser Mohammed Toha
Teaching staff 250
Enrollment 4000
Medium of language বাংলা/English
Houses      Babar,      Nazrul,      Tareque



Newspaper Giribarta
Yearbook Giriprava

British Council

Alliance Française de Dhaka

Ministry of Education (Bangladesh)

National University

Duke of Edinburgh

Chittagong Cantonment Public College  is a public educational institution in Chittagong, Bangladesh , established in 1961,it is one of the best educational institutes in the is located on a 20-acre site on the eastern boundary of Chittagong Cantonment.


Chittagong Cantonment Public college follows the National Curriculum English and Bengali Version by Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.


On 17 October 1961 the ex Station Commander Colonel Ahmed Ali Sheik, T.P.K. – invited the then President of Pakistan Field Martial Md. Ayub Khan. NPK, H.J. to inaugurate the foundation of this institution. According to the society registration act XXI 1860, this institution was established by Chittagong Cantonment Public School Foundation an opened on 23 October 1961.

Rtd. Lt. Colonel M. Sordar Khan (Army Education Corps) was appointed as the first Principal of this institution. He had the experience of academic and administrative works of cadet College and Public School. At last with 24 students and 3 teachers the academic curriculum started. At the beginning of 1970 foreign teachers were also appointed to teach foreign language.

On 1 January 1971, the institution achieved recognition from Secondary and Higher secondary Board of Education, Comilla. Then in class IX humanities group was introduced. The school closed temporarily During the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, and was re-established on 17 March, 1972, with the initiative of the then Brigadier General Mir Showkat Ali BU, psc. The institution came under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Army for continuing its gradual acclivity.

On 01 January 1972 it received permission from Comilla Board of Education to start the discipline of Science from class IX and on 01 January it received permission to start Business Studies department. The institution established the college section in 1981. On 1 July 1981, the humanities and science section in class eleven started. Subsequently on 1 July 1991 the Business Studies department started. Following this came the opening of BA, B.Com and B.Sc under National University in 1995. The English Medium in National Curriculum from class six was started in 2003, and the first group of students took their board exam in 2008. At present this English Medium (National Curriculum) is continuing in H.S.C. level.

Ther B.B.A. and Honours in Management was offered starting in 2005–2006.


This institution is usually led by an army principal who is usually a Colonel of the Bangladesh Army. At present the principal is Colonel Abu Naser Mohammad Toha. The school and college sections have separate vice-principals.

List of principals[edit]

  • A.B. Ashraf Uddin Ahmed (7.02.75–14.05.78)
  • Golam Jilani Najre Murshid (15.05.78–15.11.99
  • L. Colonel Abdul Baten, AEC (04.01.00–29.08.02)
  • Colonel Mokarram Ali Khan (29.08.02–18.10.03)
  • L. Colonel Mohammed Shamsul Alam, PSC AEC (24.11.03–17.01.05)
  • Colonel Sayed Mofazzel Maola (17.01.05–15.08.05)
  • Colonel Shah Murtaza Ali (16.08.05–04.02.07)
  • Colonel Mohamed Jahid Hossain, Phd (09.05.07–16.08.08)
  • Colonel Mohammed Anisur Rahman, PSC (17.08.08–20.03.10)
  • Colonel Syed Golam Jahid, PSC (20.03


  • Colonel Muhammed Asadujjaman Subhani (08.08.12–16.01.13)
  • Colonel Shahriyar Ahmed Chowdhury, PSC (17.01.13–12.12.13)
  • Colonel Abu Saleh Muhammed Rafiqul Islam, AEC (01.01.14–06.06.15)
  • Colonel Abu Naser Muhammed Toha, AFWC, PSC (06.06.15---)[1]


CCPC's student population has recently ranged from 3500 to 4000, across all programs (1st grade-degree level). CCPC enrolled nearly 2500 students in school programs, 1000 students in college programs, and around 500 students in degree programs. The total population is 45% female and 55% male students.



(1) 1×2 storied Main building (Classrooms 14, Teachers room 03 & Others 21, Total-38)

(2) 1×4 storied Hons building −01 (Classrooms 11, Teachers room 02 & Others 08, Total-21)

(3) 1×3 storied Hons building −02 (Classrooms 03, Teachers room 06 & Others 06, Total-15)

(4) 1×6 storied College building (Classrooms 29, Teachers room 13 & Others 11, Total-53)

(5) 1×5 storied School building (Classrooms 29, Teachers room 04 & Others 12, Total-45)

(6) 1×1 storied Nursery building (Classrooms 06, Teachers room 00 & Others 04, Total-10)

Total: (Class room-92, Teachers room-28, Others-62) = 182

Residential and others[edit]

(1) 1×2 Storied Principal’s Quarter (Duplex)

(2) 1×1 Storied Teachers’ Quarter (2 Flats)

(3) 1×2 Storied Teachers’ Quarter (4 Flats)

(4) 1×1 Storied Staff Quarter (Tin Shed-7 Residences)

(5) 1×1 Storied Auditorium (1200 seats)

(6) 1×1 Storied Canteen (For Students & Teachers)

(7) 1×1 Storied Guardian’s Waiting Room

(8) 1×1 MT Garage

(9) 1×1 Security Guard room (Main Gate)

(10) 1×1 Bachelor Staff Accommodation (With 5 Rooms Behind the Garage)

(11) 1x Bachelor Staff Accommodation (Behind School Building)

(12) 1×1 Pump house cum Bachelor Staff Accommodation (Behind Hons Building)

(13) 1×1 Pump house cum Bachelor Staff Accommodation (With Teachers’ Quarter)

(14) 1×1 Bachelor Staff Accommodation (Behind the Auditorium)

(15) 1×1 Boy’s Common Room (Backside of Hons Building)

(16) 1×1 Temporary Store Room (Old College Canteen)


Best Institution in Chittagong Division in 2016 Declared by Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Govt.[citation needed] 

Jatiya Shishu Purushker 2016 : Jatiya Shisho Purushker-2016 was held on 5 Jan 2016.  .[2][3][4]


CCPC has 13 clubs (7 compulsory) for the students.

  1. Debate Club
  2. Science Club
  3. Quiz Club
  4. Mathematics Club
  5. Music and Dance Club
  6. Cultural Club
  7. Quran Learning Club
  8. Computer Club
  9. Arts & Craft Club
  10. Photography Club
  11. Language Club (French)
  12. Sports Club
  13. MUN Club


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