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Chittaranjan Avenue, more commonly C.R. Avenue, is the previous Central Avenue, a principal north-south thoroughfare in north and central Kolkata.

Chittaranjan Avenue.


The C.R.Avenue runs from the Esplanade in the southern limit to near Shobhabazar in the northern side.


The road is arterial in maintaining north-central connection in Kolkata. The road is always busy. A major portion of the Kolkata Metro runs beneath this road. Several important places are in this road, like Sovabazar,Girish Park, Jorasanko, Mahajati SadanSadan, M.G.Road crossing, Medical College, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Central, Bowbazar, Chandni Chowk and the Esplanade.


The road is bi-directional throughout the day. Certain crossings are,however,unidirectional, that is, in certain crossings, vehicles can turn only in a specific direction, and the other direction.


The Central Avenue in Kolkata was renamed Chittaranjan Avenue (C.R. Avenue) after Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das.

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