Chittaura Jheel

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Chittaura Jheel ( Ashtwarka jheel) is a lake situated about 8 km from Bahraich city on gonda road near Jittora\chittaura village in Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh, India. A small river, Teri Nadi, flows from this lake. Many migratory birds are also found here during August - October (Late Mansoon period). It is a Hindu pilgrimage site. Here Ashtwarka Muni, the Guru of Maharaja Janak used to live here in his ashram. The site is the place where the epic fight between Raja Sukhdeo and Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud took place in June 1033. A temple complex known as Raja Suheldev Darbar is situated here. A statue of Raja Sukhdeo along with a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is present within the premises of this complex. The statue shows Raja Suheldev sitting on a horse holding a bow and arrow. He is wearing the dress of a maharaja with a crown. Every year, fairs are organized here as per Hindu calendar on Kartik Purnima and Basant Panchami .

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