Chittenango Creek

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Chittenango Creek
NY Chittenango Falls Facing Away.JPG
Chittenango Creek, looking downstream at Chittenango Falls State Park
Origin Cazenovia Lake, Madison County, near Cazenovia, New York
42°55′45″N 75°51′41″W / 42.9290378°N 75.8612973°W / 42.9290378; -75.8612973
Mouth Oneida Lake at Bridgeport, New York, New York
43°10′18″N 75°59′25″W / 43.1716717°N 75.9903837°W / 43.1716717; -75.9903837

Chittenango Creek is a small river in central New York, USA. Chittenango Creek flows northward through Chittenango into Oneida Lake near the community of Bridgeport and partially forms the boundary between Onondaga County and Madison County. This river originates at Cazenovia Lake and serves as an outlet for the lake.

The Chittenango Creek watershed comprises about 290 square miles (750 km2) of drainage in Madison and Onondaga Counties. The median annual flow is estimated at about 300 cubic feet per second (8.5 m3/s).

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