Chittoor (SC) (Lok Sabha constituency)

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Chittoor [ edit ]
Reservation Scheduled Castes
Current MP Naramalli Sivaprasad
Party Telugu Desam Party
Elected Year 2014
State Andhra Pradesh
Total Electors 1,451,851
Most Successful Party INC (8 times)
Gangadhara Nellore
Puthalapattu (SC)

Chittoor is one of the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies of Andhra Pradesh in India. This constituency is reserved for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled castes[1] Naramalli Sivaprasad is the present MP of the constituency representing Telugu Desam Party.[2]

Assembly segments[edit]

Chittoor constituency comprises the following Legislative Assembly segments:[1]

Constituency number Name Reserved for (SC/ST/None)
285 Chandragiri None
289 Nagari None
290 Gangadhara Nellore (SC) SC
291 Chittoor None
292 Puthalapattu (SC) SC
293 Palamaner None
294 Kuppam None

Members of parliament[edit]

Lok Sabha Duration Name of M.P. Party Affiliation
First 1952-57 T. N. Viswanatha Reddy Indian National Congress
Second 1957-62 Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Ayyangar Indian National Congress
Third 1962-67 N. G. Ranga Swatantra Party
Fourth 1967-71 N. P. Chengalraya Naidu Indian National Congress
Fifth 1971-77 P. Narasimha Reddy Indian National Congress
Sixth 1977-80 P. Rajagopal Naidu Indian National Congress
Seventh 1980-84 P. Rajagopal Naidu Indian National Congress
Eighth 1984-89 N. P. Jhansi Lakshmi Telugu Desam Party
Ninth 1989-91 M. Gnanendra Reddy Indian National Congress
Tenth 1991-96 M. Gnanendra Reddy Indian National Congress
Eleventh 1996-98 Nuthanakalva Ramakrishna Reddy Telugu Desam Party
Twelfth 1998-99 Nuthanakalva Ramakrishna Reddy Telugu Desam Party
Thirteenth 1999-04 Nuthanakalva Ramakrishna Reddy Telugu Desam Party
Fourteenth 2004-2009 D.K. Audikesavulu Telugu Desam Party
Fifteenth 2009-2014 Naramalli Sivaprasad Telugu Desam Party
Sixteenth 2014-Incumbent Naramalli Sivaprasad[2] Telugu Desam Party

Election results[edit]

The below table summaries election results with vote shares, % of votes, majority etc.

General Elections 2014[edit]

General Election, 2014: Chittoor[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
TDP Naramalli Sivaprasad 5,94,862 49.62
YSRCP G.Samanyakiran 5,50,724 45.94
INC B.Rajagopal 16,572 1.38
BSP Jithendra Kumar.Dhandu 15,897 1.33
Jai Samaikyandhra Party P.Pushpa Raj 5,740 0.48
Independent S.Anjappa 4,321 0.36
Pyramid Party of India Udaya C.S 3,803 0.32
NOTA None of the Above 6,996 0.58
Majority 44,138 3.68
Turnout 11,98,915 82.59
TDP hold Swing

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Coordinates: 13°09′00″N 78°58′12″E / 13.15000°N 78.97000°E / 13.15000; 78.97000