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Typical mode of transport across the district.
Typical mode of transport across the district.
Districts of Masvingo province
Districts of Masvingo province
Masvingo constituency seats for the 2008, showing the division of Chivi (District)
Masvingo constituency seats for the 2008, showing the division of Chivi (District)
Coordinates: 20°05′S 31°37′E / 20.083°S 31.617°E / -20.083; 31.617Coordinates: 20°05′S 31°37′E / 20.083°S 31.617°E / -20.083; 31.617
Country Zimbabwe
Province Masvingo
District Chivi
 • Type Rural Council
 • Chairman of Rural District Council Killer Zivhu
 • Member of Senate Josiah Hungwe,
Population (2012 Census)[1]
 • Total 166,049
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)

Chivi a district in Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe.(a.k.a. KwaChivi) It is a semi-arid area which falls in agricultural regions 4 and 5. It is also the name of a mission station established in 1892 by Wedpohl, Neitz and Dietrich from Berlin, Germany. The district was known as Chibi in colonial times before 1980.


The district is located in the drought-prone region of the country, north of Mwenezi (District) and west of Masvingo (District). Much of the District is occupied by subsistence farmers. Because of low average rainfall, Government of Zimbabwe has established several small scale irrigation schemes for the populace to supplement their mearge harvests. It has many schools and noteworthy are Mission schools like Chibi High, Berejena Mission, Nyaningwe St. Lukes and other smaller day secondary schools. Prof Jephias Matunhu and Ageline Hofisi are from this District. below is a list of primary schools found in the District: Mushayi;Madyangove ; Mpagamuri; Mawadze; Musvovi; Chomuruvati; St Marry, Nemauzhe; Berejena mission; Chikofa, Gwamatoto; Muvhundusi, Vundembe, Dombo, Mazorodze, Mangwana, Nyevedzanai, Masunda South, Masunda North, Chasiya; Matihwa, Mhosva, Befura, Mukotosi, Madamombe, Mudadisi, Sukwe,Takavarasha etc. The District is seriously affected by climate change.

Government & politics[edit]

The district sends three members to Zimbabwe's House of Assembly. Each of the wards in the district has on elected official who works at the rural district council.

The district was divided into three sections for the 2008 elections, namely east, west and south. The district has been a stronghold of ZANU-PF since independence in 1980.[2][3] The current Chairman of the Rural District Council is Killer Zivhu whilst the Senator for the area is Josiah Hungwe both of the ZANU(PF) party.

Nyaningwe High School[edit]

The school is the second largest and situated at the growth point. Nyaningwe was established in 2001 by a local catholic priest, Father Guido Zannet as a missionary school to curb walking distance crisis to access secondary education at nearby Chibi Mission, Tambudzai and Chinembiri secondary schools which are at least 8 km (5 mi) from the growth point. In 2015 the school had more than 700 students, in form 1 to 4 classes and an A level offering commercials and Arts. In 2011 the school recorded its first A level student, Berzel Chafa, to attain 15 points which was in commercials and two years later in 2013 the commercials class was the best in accounting attaining 83% pass rate. Most events are held at the Nyaningwe High school Hall which is the best and largest in the district.

Muzvidziwa Village (Gongwa)[edit]

Despite being one of the oldest villages in the district Gongwa is facing extinction from the massive spread of the growth point. Established in the early 1960s the villagers witnessed the first and second Chimurenga (war against the white settlers). Starting from the Western hills the village stretches more than 20 hectares to the East. Half of the village has been cut to provide the land for the growth point, in 2000 most of the villagers were moved to various places after the land reform program provided land for them, however conflict amongst the remaining villagers and the District council arises as the council do not have enough funds for the relocation of the villagers.the school was built by some mujibhas to provide education to theur children.

Chivi South[edit]

Chivi south is made of wards 1, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 32. During the 2008 House of Assembly elections, Irvine Dzingirai(ZANU-PF), and Steven Chengeta (MDC(tsv)) ran for the seat. ZEC announced Dzingirai as the winner with a total of 7778 to 4234 of Chengeta.

The MP for Chivi South is Utete of ZANU(PF)

Chivi Central[edit]

Chivi East comprises wards 14, 15, , 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25. The MP for the area is E .Gwanongodza. the councilor of ward 14 is Mandebvu

Chivi North[edit]

The constituency seat is made up of eleven wards, namely 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 22, 23, and 32. The MP is Mathias Tongofa


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