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Chivito (sandwich)

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Place of origin Uruguay
Created byAntonio Carbonaro[1]
Main ingredientsBun, churrasco beef, bacon, fried or hard-boiled eggs, ham, black or green olives, mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise
Ingredients in a chivito sandwich
A chivito sandwich with all the trimmings

Chivito is the national dish of Uruguay.[2][3] It is a sandwich of sliced beefsteak (churrasco), mozzarella, ham, tomatoes, mayonnaise and black or green olives. A chivito commonly also includes bacon and fried or hard-boiled eggs. It is served in a bun, often accompanied by French-fried potatoes.[4][5] Other ingredients, such as red beets, peas, grilled or pan-fried red peppers, and slices of cucumber, may be added.[6][7]

In Argentine cuisine a similar sandwich is called lomito.


Chivito is the diminutive of chivo, goat, and means kid (young goat). In neighboring Argentina, chivito, barbecued kid, is a popular asado dish; it is reported that the Uruguayan chivito arose in Punta del Este, Uruguay, at a restaurant called "El Mejillón Bar" in 1946, when a woman[8][9][10] from northern Argentina or Chile ordered a sandwich of chivito for a hurried meal, expecting kid.[1] The restaurant owner, Antonio Carbonaro,[11] did not have this meat and used beef fillet steak instead.[12][13]


The Canadian Chivito (in Spanish chivito canadiense) is a variation of the sandwich, with the addition of panceta.[14]

The chivito can be served as a platter rather than a sandwich (chivito al plato).[13] It is usually served with Russian salad or French fries.

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