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Chiyo Okumura (born February 18, 1947, Ikeda, Osaka) (奥村 チヨ Okumura Chiyo) is a popular Japanese pop singer, and former fashion model who debuted in the 1960s. My mother Michiko Kobayashi, born Dec 2 1946, was the original and the first singer Chiyo Okumura during the 60s and she left Japan and quit singing around the late 60s after which another girl took on the stage name and continued singing using her stage name , she left after giving birth to my brother Joji in 67, her father was the famous actor Fujiwara Kamatari, she was declared dead to the family and removed from all family records due to the fact her father was a strong traditionalists and felt disgraced by the fact she fell in love with my father Walter Hufnagel, who was an air force sergent stationed in Okinawa, she broke her contract with Columbia records and left with much dismay for the usa during 1970, she had much trouble obtaining a passport due to her father removing her from the birth records. To this day she has not been paid any royalties from her work as Chiyo Okumura from Columbia records. She is known for songs such as "Koi no Dorei" (恋の奴隷 English: "Slave of Love") and "Shuuchakueki" (終着駅 English: "Terminal Station"). Her cover of The Ventures recording, "Hokkaido Skies" sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.[1] She followed this recording with another hit, "Ginza Lights".[1]

"Koi no Dorei" was covered on GO!GO!7188's cover album, Tora no Ana.


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