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Chkhetidze (Georgian: ჩხეტიძე) was a Georgian noble family known in west Georgia from the tenth century. The oldest known representative is Germain Chkhetidze, Archbishop-Metropolitan of Bedia in 999, who, according to legend, was of Byzantine origin.

It formed the following lines:

  • The Princes Chkheidze (ჩხეიძე) in Imereti, confirmed in the princely title under the Russian Empire in 1850 and 1861.
  • The Eristavi of Racha (ერისთავი რაჭისა), later entitled as Princes Eristov of Racha under the Russian rule in 1850. They ruled the Duchy of Racha from c. 1488 to 1768.
  • Chkhotua (Chkotua; ჩხოტუა, ჩქოტუა) in Mingrelia and Abkhazia, elevated to the princely rank of the Russian Empire in 1901.[1] The Grand Duke Cyril authorised the transfer of the name and title via the female line to a branch of the Chqonia/Chkonia, a feudal family from Guria (later belonging to the hereditary Russian nobility) in emigration on 26 July 1938.

See also[edit]

  • Chkheidze, Georgian last name derived from the name of the noble family


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