Chlamydophila felis

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Chlamydophila felis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Chlamydiae
Order: Chlamydiales
Family: Chlamydiaceae
Genus: Chlamydophila
Species: C. felis
Binomial name
Chlamydophila felis
Everett et al., 1999[1]

Chlamydophila felis is a bacterium endemic among domestic cats worldwide, primarily causing inflammation of feline conjunctiva, rhinitis and respiratory problems. C. felis can be recovered from the stomach and reproductive tract. Zoonotic infection of humans with C. felis has been reported. Strains FP Pring and FP Cello have an extrachromosomal plasmid, whereas the FP Baker strain does not. FP Cello produces lethal disease in mice, whereas the FP Baker does not. An attenuated FP Baker strain, and an attenuated 905 strain, are used as live vaccines for cats.

Genome structure[edit]

C. felis has relativelly small genome that contains 1.17 Mbp with 1,005 protein coding genes. Additionally, it carries 7,5 kbp long plasmid.[2]

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