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Shilha (Chleuh)
Total population
(approx. 4 million (2004 census))
Regions with significant populations
Morocco-Atlas Mountains, Sous Valley
Predominantly Muslim, Jewish and Christian minority
Related ethnic groups

The Shilha people or Shluh are a Berber ethnic group inhabiting Morocco.[1]


A Chleuh (Suss) Berber woman in traditional attire.

The Shilha self-name is Išlḥiyn. In French literature, they are usually known as les Chleuhs. They live mainly in Morocco's Atlas Mountains and Sous Valley. The Shilha speak the Tashelhiyt language, which has around 4,77 million speakers (14,1% of Moroccan population of 33,848 millions,2014 census).[2][3]

Person ašlḥiy (male speaker), tašlḥiyt (female speaker)
People išlḥiyn
Language tašlḥiyt

The indigenous peoples of the central Moroccan coast, noted by the early Phoenician explorers, would have been the Chleuh. The first millennium voyages of Hanno described the Phoenicians' methods of peacefully trading with the native peoples of the Mogador area.[4]

The Shilha are associated with Berber music and dance.

Through a process of linguistic transference, from the period of French colonial rule in North Africa, the name "Chleuh" also came to be a French pejorative term for Germans.

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