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Chloe Does Yale is a college fiction or more precisely a chick lit novel by Natalie Krinsky. The story line follows a Yale junior, Chloe Carrington, who writes a stirring column, “Sex in the (Elm) City” for the Yale Daily News.

Plot introduction[edit]

Chloe Is a typical college student. She participates in campus traditions, tries to have some fun between all the tedious coursework of the Ivy League, and is active in the campus newspaper. Her notorious column addresses the dating dilemmas all coeds face and draws much interest. That’s what any young writer wants, right? Not in this case. After dishing the details of her most recent dates or the lack of activity in her love life Chloe finds that men are often intimidated by the possibility that their endeavors may end up in the Yale Daily News. She doesn’t find herself lonely, as there is plenty going on to keep her attention elsewhere. But when a “cybercrush” evolves from her countless online critics its no surprise that Chloe lets herself become engrossed with this developing relationship.

Autobiographical content[edit]

Many critics debate the possibility that Chloe Does Yale is simply the memoirs of author Natalie Krinsky. Krinsky attended Yale, where she wrote “Sex in the (Elm) City” for the Yale Daily News. Some of her actual articles appear in the novel as Chloe’s work but the rest of the novel's content is pure fiction.

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