Chloe McCardel

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Chloe McCardel
Born ( 1985-05-10) 10 May 1985 (age 31)
Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Open water swimmer
Swim coach[1]
Known for solo crossings of the English Channel and world record longest open water ocean swim [2]

Chloe McCardel, born 10 May 1985, is a 30-year-old accomplished open water swimmer and swim coach from Melbourne, Australia.


McCardel's past swims include thirteen solo crossings of the English Channel, including three crossings in one week,[3] two double-crossings in 2010 and 2012 and, in 2015, the fourth person to do a non-stop triple-crossing.[4][5][6][7] She also won the 28.5-mile (46-kilometer) Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2010.[8][9] As of Summer 2015, she holds the world record for the longest ever unassisted open-water swim, at 128 km.[10][11]

World Record[edit]

On October 22, 2014 McCardel completed an unprecedented swim from South Eleuthera Island to Nassau, Bahamas. 124.4 kilometers (77.3 miles) in 41 hours, 21 minutes. She set a new world record, longest unassisted ocean swim, conducted under the ‘Rules of Marathon Swimming’. This swim was officially ratified by the Marathon Swimming Federation (MSF).[12] The Rules of Marathon Swimming are a globally-endorsed framework of rules and guidelines for any swim in any body of water. The Documented Swims program offers a venue for publishing documentation and requesting peer-reviewed ratification of independent marathon swims. She also won the 2014 MSF ‘Solo Swim of the Year’ (Female) for this World Record swim.

Record attempt[edit]

On 12 June 2013, she attempted to be the first person to swim across the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Florida without using the protection of a shark cage. She also did not wear a stinger suit or a wet suit. This swim was done to raise funds for three charities; the CanTeen, Can Assist and Swim Across America. McCardel had a 32-person support team that included weather experts and doctors that accompanied her throughout her trip, which was to last about 55–65 hours. She was to eat and drink every half hour.

After 11 hours, McCardel stopped her record swim attempt after she was severely stung by multiple box jellyfish and was in too much pain to continue. She was taken to Key West and was treated for the stings.[13]


Across June/July 2015, McCardel, with the support of her team, coached seven relay teams and three solo swimmers (44 swimmers in total) to swim the English Channel. Two of these relays were from the Geelong Grammar School (Victoria, Australia). Geelong were part of the “Channel Conquerors” program which also featured two school age Relay teams from The Arch Academy (San Diego, USA) – coached by Dan Simonelli.

In 2014 she coached and crewed 2x relays to swim the English Channel. These swimmers raised over US$125 000 for a cancer charity – Swim Across America. In July 2015, she also coached and crewed one of the 2014 English Channel relay fundraisers, Grant Wentworth, to swim between Cape Cod and Nantucket (USA) and, in doing so, raising $150 000 for Swim Across America.


Channel Swimming Association (CSA)

  • 2015 CSA British Long Distance Swimming Association Swimmer of the Year
  • 2015 CSA Fastest 2 Way Swim 22 hours 42 minutes
  • 2015 CSA Fastest 3 Way Swim 36 hours 12 minutes
  • 2015 CSA Fastest Swim by a Lady 8 hours 52 minutes
  • 2015 CSA Greatest Feat of Endurance
  • 2015 CSA Most Meritorious Swim
  • 2014 CSA Fastest Swim by a Lady 9 hours 12 minutes
  • 2012 CSA Gold Medal for fastest swim of the year 9 hours 30 minutes
  • 2012 CSA Fastest swim by a lady 9 hours 30 minutes
  • 2012 CSA Fastest Two-Way swim 19 hours 20 minutes
  • 2011 CSA Gold Medal for fastest swim of the year 9 hours 3 minutes
  • 2011 CSA Sotirake Trophy Fastest swim by a lady 9 hours 3 minutes
  • 2010 Nomination for Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year on (
  • 2010 CSA The Mark Rickhuss Memorial Trophy (The Fastest Solo Two-Way Swim of the Year) 21 hours 48 minutes
  • 2010 The Van Audenaerde Trophy (Greatest Feat of Endurance)[14]

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