Chloris (plant)

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windmill grass
finger grass
Starr 040608-0108 Chloris virgata.jpg
Chloris virgata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Chloridoideae
Genus: Chloris
Type species
Chloris cruciata
(L.) Sw.[1]

Chloris is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family, known generally as windmill grass or finger grass.

The genus is found worldwide, but especially in the tropical and subtropical regions, and more often in the Southern Hemisphere. The species are variable in morphology, but in general the plants are less than half a meter in height. They bear inflorescences shaped like umbels, with several plumes lined with rows of spikelets.

The genus was named for Chloris of Greek myth, a figure associated with flowers and spring.

  1. Chloris affinis
  2. Chloris amethystea
  3. Chloris andropogonoides - slimspike windmill grass
  4. Chloris anomala
  5. Chloris arenaria
  6. Chloris barbata - swollen fingergrass
  7. Chloris berazainiae
  8. Chloris berroi
  9. Chloris boivinii
  10. Chloris boliviensis
  11. Chloris bournei
  12. Chloris × brevispica
  13. Chloris burmensis
  14. Chloris canterae
  15. Chloris castilloniana
  16. Chloris ciliata - fringed windmill grass
  17. Chloris clementis
  18. Chloris cruciata
  19. Chloris cubensis
  20. Chloris cucullata - hooded windmill grass
  21. Chloris diluta
  22. Chloris divaricata - spreading windmill grass
  23. Chloris ekmanii
  24. Chloris elata - tall windmill grass
  25. Chloris exilis
  26. Chloris filiformis
  27. Chloris flabellata
  28. Chloris formosana
  29. Chloris gayana - Rhodes grass
  30. Chloris halophila
  31. Chloris humbertiana
  32. Chloris jubaensis
  33. Chloris lamproparia
  34. Chloris lobata
  35. Chloris mearnsii
  36. Chloris mensensis
  37. Chloris montana
  38. Chloris mossambicensis
  39. Chloris orthonoton
  40. Chloris paniculata
  41. Chloris parvispicula
  42. Chloris pectinata - comb windmill grass
  43. Chloris pilosa
  44. Chloris pumilio
  45. Chloris pycnothrix - spiderweb chloris
  46. Chloris quinquesetica
  47. Chloris radiata
  48. Chloris robusta
  49. Chloris roxburghiana
  50. Chloris ruahensis
  51. Chloris rufescens
  52. Chloris sagraeana - roadside windmill grass
  53. Chloris sesquiflora
  54. Chloris subdolichostachya
  55. Chloris submutica - Mexican windmill grass
  56. Chloris suringarii
  57. Chloris texensis
  58. Chloris truncata - Australian fingergrass, black windmill grass
  59. Chloris ventricosa - Australian windmill grass, plump windmill grass
  60. Chloris verticillata - tumble windmill grass
  61. Chloris virgata - feather fingergrass
  62. Chloris wightiana
  63. Chloris woodii
formerly included[2]

species now considered better suited to other genera: Aegopogon Austrochloris Bouteloua Chondrosum Chrysochloa Ctenium Cynodon Dactyloctenium Daknopholis Disakisperma Eleusine Enteropogon Eustachys Gymnopogon Harpochloa Leptochloa Oxychloris Pseudopogonatherum Schoenefeldia Tetrapogon Trichloris


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