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Cho may refer to:


  • Cho (Korean surname), one romanization of the common Korean surname , derived from the Chinese surnames Zhao (Hanja ) and Cao ()
  • Zhuo (), romanized Cho in Wade–Giles, Chinese surname
  • Cho, a Minnan romanization of the Chinese surname Cao ()
  • Chō, the romaji for the uncommon Japanese surname derived from the Chinese Zhang (Kanji )
    • Cho U (born 1980), Taiwanese go player who romanizes his name in the Japanese fashion
    • Chō (born 1957), Japanese actor and voice actor
    • Isamu Chō (1895-1945), Japanese lieutenant general
  • Cho Hakkai, the Japanese name for Zhū Bājiè or "Pigsy", a character in the 16th-century Chinese novel, Journey to the West, by Wu Cheng'en

Given name[edit]

  • Cho Ramaswamy (1934-2016), Indian actor and writer
  • Cho, a Burmese given name meaning "sweet" commonly used at the start of a female name and at the end for male names
    • Rich Cho (born 1965), American baseball manager
    • Ba Cho (1893–1947), Burmese newspaper publisher and politician
  • Yūichi Nagashima, a Japanese voice actor who goes by the stage name Chō
  • Cho Chang, a fictional character from the Harry Potter series


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