Cho-airong railway station

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Cho-airong railway station

LocationMu 1 (Ban Cho-airong), Chuap Subdistrict, Cho-airong District, Narathiwat
Coordinates6°14′09″N 101°48′02″E / 6.2358°N 101.8005°E / 6.2358; 101.8005Coordinates: 6°14′09″N 101°48′02″E / 6.2358°N 101.8005°E / 6.2358; 101.8005
Owned byState Railway of Thailand
Line(s)Southern Line
Other information
Station codeจอ.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
toward Bangkok
Southern Line

Cho-airong railway station is a railway station located in Chuap Subdistrict, Cho-airong District, Narathiwat. It is a class 2 railway station located 1,111.15 km (690.4 mi) from Thon Buri railway station.

South Thailand insurgency events[edit]

  • On 3 January 2011, separatists planted a bomb near the railway between Pa Phai-Cho-airong, followed by shootings on 3 patrol soldiers. As a result, all 3 were seriously injured and sent to Cho-airong Hospital afterwards.[1]
  • On 8 June 2011, separatists shot locals at Cho-airong railway station before igniting a hidden bomb in a vegetable-selling stall, injuring 6 people. The injured people included locals, police, military volunteers and the assistant district officer of Cho-airong District.
  • In May 2014, bombs exploded on 2 railway bridges within the Cho-airong Area, causing 1–2 days suspension of rail services in the area.[2]

All events were part of the South Thailand Insurgency.


  • Rapid No. 171/172 Bangkok-Sungai Kolok-Bangkok
  • Rapid No. 175/176 Hat Yai Junction-Sungai Kolok-Hat Yai Junction
  • Local No. 447/448 Surat Thani-Sungai Kolok-Surat Thani
  • Local No. 451/452 Nakhon Si Thammarat-Sungai Kolok-Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Local No. 453/454 Yala-Sungai Kolok-Yala
  • Local No. 463/464 Phatthalung-Sungai Kolok-Phatthalung


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