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Chocheng Char is a fashion designer and entrepreneur

Early life[edit]

Born ChoJo Char Nuis Borjigit Chocheng in Hong Kong, he is from the Borjigin clan of Mongolia. Chocheng was raised by his grandmother, Betty Charnuis, a noted fashion designer in Hong Kong.[1]


Chocheng’s grandmother, Betty Char-Nuis Clemos was a renowned Shanghai tailor whose clients included the Soong sisters. She fled China during World War II[2] and worked briefly in New York as a fashion designer for Valentina Schlee. In the late 1950s, she finally settled in Hong Kong and eventually started her own fashion house at the Peninsula Hotel. Apart from being a fashion designer she was also the first Asian retailer to import licensed Paris Haute Couture to Hong Kong.[3] Her frequent trips to Haute Couture shows in Paris would become Chocheng’s introduction to the world of fashion. She encouraged Chocheng to study fashion design and passed on her company and the whole design archive to him upon her death in 2005.[4]


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