Cho Hyun-oh

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Cho Hyun-oh
Born (1955-05-15) May 15, 1955 (age 62)
Busan, South Korea
Awards Presidential Award (1998)
Guenjeongpojang (2005)
Police career
Rank Commissioner of the National Police Agency
Other work Lecturer on occasion to students at universities and police academies
Korean name
Hangul 조현오
Revised Romanization Jo Hyeon'o
McCune–Reischauer Cho Hyŏn o

Cho Hyun-oh (born May 15, 1955) is the former commissioner of the National Police Agency of South Korea. He was born in Busan and graduated from Korea University.[1] He expressed his decision to resign over a controversial Murder case in Suwon.[2]



Roh Mu-hyun[edit]

  • Cho Hyun-oh mentioned in the press that the reason for Roh Mu-hyun's motivation to commit suicide was his falsely-named bank accounts that had been exposed to the public. Cho was later sued for his controversial comments.[3] On December 2010, he denied that he made a verifiable negative remark about Roh in the past.[4]

Incheon Gangster Crisis[edit]

Cho Hyun-oh was criticized for the police's mishandling of a massive brawl between the police and gangsters on October 21, 2011 in Incheon.[5]

Special Promotion[edit]

Cho Hyun-oh was criticized for personally promoting a close associate within the police hierarchy.[6]

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