Chocón Machacas River

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Chocón Machacas River
Country Guatemala (Alta Verapaz, Izabal)
Physical characteristics
Main source Sierra de Santa Cruz
100 m (330 ft)
River mouth Golfete Dulce
15°45′30″N 88°52′31″W / 15.75833°N 88.87528°W / 15.75833; -88.87528Coordinates: 15°45′30″N 88°52′31″W / 15.75833°N 88.87528°W / 15.75833; -88.87528
Length 53 km (33 mi)
Basin features
Basin size Gulf of Honduras

The Chocón Machacas River is a river in eastern Guatemala. The sources of the 53-kilometre (33 mi) long river[1] are on the eastern slopes of the Sierra de Santa Cruz at 15°47′38″N 89°08′02″W / 15.793835°N 89.133890°W / 15.793835; -89.133890. From there it flows in a generally west-south-west direction into the Golfete Dulce. The Chocón Machacas river and Golfete Dulce complex form one of Guatemala's few remaining habitats for the endangered Caribbean manatee (Trichechus manatus).


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