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Alternative names Choc bombs
Type Ice cream
Place of origin Australia
Main ingredients Vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate
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Choc-tops (also known as choc bombs in Western Australia) are chocolate-dipped ice-creams popular in Australia and traditionally eaten at the cinema.

The traditional choc-top is one scoop of vanilla ice-cream covered in a hard milk chocolate shell, sitting atop an ice-cream cone. Variations include different ice-cream flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chili, and banana. The chocolate shell may be studded with confectionery and mixed with flavourings. Some examples of branded choc-tops include Connoisseur and Golden North.

Though today choc-tops are often mass-produced, many cinemas - including large chains - still make them by hand,[1][2] and the quality or novelty of a cinema's choc-tops can be a draw for movie-goers.


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