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Chocapic brand logo.png
Product typeBreakfast cereal
Produced byCereal Partners Worldwide

Chocapic (Known as Koko Krunch in Asia and most of the Middle East) is a chocolate-flavored whole-grain breakfast cereal[1] distributed by Nestlé in most of Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and Latin America.[2] The cereal was introduced in 1984.[3] Chocapic has been available to consumers in Portugal since 1986.[4]


The cereal consists of cocoa flavored wheat flakes.[2] Chocapic is available in 30 grams, and 375 grams packages. The cereal's mascot is Pico (Koko the Koala in Asia), a dog that loves chocolate, and is always referring to the fact that Chocapic has a strong chocolate flavour. In later advertisements he is seen with a child preventing several thieves from stealing the cereal and explaining the origin of Chocapic (the most usual explanation being that a balloon filled with chocolate burst and landed in a field, creating the choco petals). A new product related to this cereal, Chocapic Duo, has been recently[when?] created, which features the usual chocolate petals, and also features white chocolate flavored petals as well.[citation needed]

Similar products[edit]

Similar in flavor and texture to Chocos by Kellogg's. Somewhat similar to other chocolate-flavored cereals like Choco Pops and Cocoa Puffs.


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