Chocky (TV series)

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Chocky Titles
Directed by Vic Hughes
Produced by Vic Hughes
Pamela Lonsdale
Written by John Wyndham (novel)
Anthony Read
Starring James Hazeldine
Carol Drinkwater
Andrew Ellams
Zoe Hart
Anabel Worrell
Prentis Hancock
Glynis Brooks
Cinematography Alan Jonas
Edited by Oscar Webb
Distributed by Thames
Release dates
Running time
360 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Chocky is a 1984 children's television drama based on the 1968 novel by John Wyndham and was broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. Two sequels were produced. All were written by Anthony Read and produced by Thames Television. The series was also broadcast and popular in Czechoslovakia - both dubbings were made (Czech language and Slovak language). It was also dubbed in French and broadcast in Canada in the late 80s and early 90s.

While the 1968 novel was set in an unspecified 'near future', the TV adaptation was set contemporaneously in the mid-1980s. The Gore family acquire a second generation Citroen CX car which was marketed as being technologically advanced at the time.

Series synopses[edit]


Matthew Gore is an intelligent boy chosen by a mysterious extraterrestrial visitor to be a source of information about life on Earth. As his schoolwork and artistic talent improve dramatically he arouses the suspicion of powerful groups who wish to tap into the amazing fund of knowledge to which he is now party.

Chocky's Children[edit]

A year has passed since Matthew said goodbye to his alien friend, and in the summer holidays he meets Albertine, a mathematical prodigy, with whom he discovers he can communicate telepathically. One day Chocky returns to warn him that they are both in danger. When he returns to tell Albertine, he finds she has disappeared.

Chocky's Challenge[edit]

Chocky, an invisible being from another world, has come into Matthew's life. His powerful knowledge has aroused a great deal of interest from the military, and they are willing to take drastic action if they don't get what they want.


Transmission dates[edit]

UK DVD Sleeve Chocky Trilogy
  • Chocky: 9 January - 13 February 1984, repeated in re-edited single episode form during the Christmas 1984 holidays
  • Chocky's Children: 7 January - 11 February 1985
  • Chocky's Challenge: 29 September - 16 October 1986

Video release[edit]

The re-edited single episode, originally broadcast at the end of 1984, was released on VHS by Thames Video in the mid-1980s.

DVD release[edit]

The complete Chocky saga was available on DVD (all-region PAL, UK) from Second Sight. This set is now out of print. Revelation Films re-released the whole series in August 2010.


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